split w/ Cloud Nothings

by Kevin Greenspon



Bridgetown Records #32 (CD) / Cass/Flick #20 (C20 cassette)
available at www.bridgetownrecords.info


released September 1, 2010

Tracks 1-5 by Kevin Greenspon (featuring Travis von Sydow [Ancient Crux] on drums
Lyrics to track 3 originally by No Paws (no lions)
Tracks 6-10 by Dylan Baldi



all rights reserved
Track Name: Kevin Greenspon - Post-Life
The sun's come up and I'm ready to sleep. I'll have some toast and I'm out like a light. It's bedtime and I don't know where we are. I'm waking up and I'm crashing your car. Stay in bed, I'll see you tonight; this very day, in the very next life. Give me a reason to hold on to and do the things I've always wanted to do without worrying about how it'll all end up. You can't escape it: you'll grow up and forget who you were. Can't run away from memories of when things were good. Seemed like it was different, but nowadays it's hard to be sure. Go on vacation: take a break and forget who you were. Anything to end this petty dream we're in.
Track Name: Kevin Greenspon - Carpool Pepsi
When the tough get going but always end up dead, you can close your eyes and hope for the best. Discouraged by dishonor for the person that you are shouldn't ever separate you from the safety of your car. I know you missed your exit but you'll have a chance to fix it. For now just forget it and drown your thoughts with Pepsi. If here's not where we're not wanted, we'll pack up our things, load them in the car and we'll just keep driving. Disappearing on the interstate is a wonderful excuse for you to swear like your mom'll never, ever, ever love you. You shouldn't have to drive in the carpool lane just to feel less alone. I don't want you getting a ticket after a hard day when you're just trying to get home. You don't have to pop pills just to feel something when we can get some candy or go rent a movie. If I can be your ice cream, you can be my email (the things that get us through the day everyday without fail).
Track Name: Kevin Greenspon - No Ghosts (No Paws cover)
In my dreams you'd never die, no ghosts had ever cared. In my heart there is a crime, a penance without a price. In my dreams you had no choice, no reason to ever leave. Everything's true and everything's for me. I was falling fast, I held my breath (hold my breath I'm waiting). I see you in my arms for the first time (it keeps repeating). Everything is ours in my dreams, in my endless dreams.
Track Name: Kevin Greenspon - Open Book
After school one day, walking on the way to your house with my hands inside my pockets, I was thinking about the things you’ve been through and the things you will do and the things you wish you never did, that I read in the book up on your nightstand the afternoon that I broke in so I could steal your Playstation. Your journal was left open. I got sidetracked and started reading page one hundred and eleven. Threw it in my backpack and started leaving but the front door opened (it was just your cousin). I think I like her but act like it’s nothing, I guess she’s kind of cute or something. I remember being stared at by the posters in your bedroom. It’s so weird when you’re not around, hanging with some other kids in another town.
Track Name: Kevin Greenspon - Growing Up
Can't push away these negative thoughts because in the end, they're all that I've got. You've always been noticed for the things that you do. Been more than a little bit jealous of you. Can't find a reason (awake for days when I shouldn't be up). Can't sleep, these nights are rough (I’m waking up late and missing the bus). So I'll try and rely on a fortune cookie to save my life because I'm growing up and hating everyone and everything